As the leading school of beauty, we are thrilled to announce that we are now offering specialised training for some of the most famous professionals in Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPMU). Our dedication to excellence and commitment to staying at the forefront of beauty trends have attracted top talent looking to enhance their skills in the field of SPMU.

Have you ever considered adding Lip Blush or Eyeliner to your repertoire of semi-permanent makeup skills? If you’re looking to upskill and expand your expertise in these areas, our workshops with LSB (Leading School of Beauty) are designed to help you master the art of creating flawless lip and eyeliner enhancements.

Lip Blush is a popular semi-permanent makeup technique that enhances the natural shape and color of the lips, giving them a subtle yet defined look. Whether you want to achieve a soft, natural tint or a more vibrant hue, mastering the art of Lip Blush can elevate your client’s overall appearance and boost their confidence.

On the other hand, Eyeliner is a transformative technique that defines and enhances the eyes, creating a bold and striking look that can last for weeks or even months. From classic eyeliner styles to trendy winged designs, learning the art of Eyeliner in semi-permanent makeup can open up a world of creative possibilities for your clients.

At LSB, our workshops are led by industry experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with aspiring professionals. Our hands-on training approach ensures that you receive personalised guidance and support as you perfect your techniques and master the art of Lip Blush and Eyeliner in SPMU.

Don’t miss this opportunity to upskill and take your semi-permanent makeup skills to the next level with LSB. Join us and become a master of Lip Blush and Eyeliner, and watch your career in beauty flourish like never before!

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